About Us

Once upon a time, an American girl met an Argentinean girl. After a first date with some cheese fondue, a bottle of wine, and four hours conversation they felt butterflies in their stomachs. Two years later one of them got down on one knee – although the other one doesn’t remember that part due to the excitement of the moment – and asked her to marry her.


Of course …I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our story, a story of love, discovery, and building our lives together.

We are engaged – we both got rings – and are planning our two-bride destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May 2011. We are only a few months away and have a lot of projects to get done for our wedding. We want to share with you these next months while we’re getting everything ready. I am deeply involved in all the design of the wedding and making most of the decorations on my own. I will share with you the planning, the projects, the details and a lot more.

I hope by now you got the meaning of our website name: Juliet is for my American fiancé and Julieta (Juliet in Spanish) for me – the Argentinean half.

Juliet & Julieta